MYMOLLYDOLL is Leslie Fischman a Law Student, Fashion & Quotes Blogger. See: https://www.facebook.com/leslieAfischman/.

Where can we find MYMOLLYDOLL?

MYMOLLYDOLL is a Twitter Vanicy.com Top 100 Blogger @mymollydoll @mmdfashion @mmdfashionbase @lesliefischman. She also Newsfeeds Fashion on Instagram Instagram.com/mmdfashionbase and Tumblr mymollydoll.tumblr.com.

MYMOLLYDOLL’s Quotes are featured on Twitter Hashtags #mymollydollquotes and #mymollydollquote, and on Instagram at Instagram.com/leslie_fischman.

MYMOLLYDOLL is a Style Curator for Sassique (sassique.com/mymollydoll) and Ambassador to Zindigo shops.zindigo.com/mymollydoll and Sol Theory soltheory.com/mmdf20.

To Shop MYMOLLYDOLL and get the latest deals and coupons in Fashion go to: lesliefischman.weebly.com.

How did MYMOLLYDOLL get started Fashion Blogging?

MYMOLLYDOLL was originally named after the first American Girl Doll “Molly.” I had always wanted one as a child. So I added a few words and named my first website MYMOLLYDOLL with a “My” to indicate ownership of self and “Doll” to indicate image aspirations and goals, to fit the ideal image of what is considered feminine, reflecting the pressures I faced growing up to be “girly” -as an athlete this was difficult for me, raspy voice, a tomboy at heart, but always the best dressed, the daughter of a Fashionista.

My first website was mymollydoll.com -a Schoolwork Website, where I shared writing samples, what I consider to be my Online Portfolio, put on display, as a struggling Law Student & Paralegal looking for jobs, this was the best idea I could come up with to help others get to know me better, and hopefully hire me.

My first Twitter name was @randbocotimes, I was a CSPAN junkie at the time, with a passion for Politics and learning about World Issues. I even wrote a Speech I posted on my Website (See mymollydoll.com:”Motion for World Peace“). -Learning to love yourself requires you not be embarrassed by these moments in life, when you are passionate about writing and share your ideas with others, those are moments to cherish and appreciate, when you really care it shows, and hopefully that is how others interpreted my Speech.

After 3 years of being a Writer on Twitter I decided to start Fashion Blogging. At first I photo’d myself daily on my way to Work and slowly developed a Following on Twitter. I only had 400 Followers at the time, but knew I wanted to make a difference and be able to help raise money and support Brady Campaign thru Fashion Blogging. How did I get started? I got started studying Affiliate Marketing Online and learning the Business. I joined Glambassadors and realized I needed to be an Influencer to run Campaigns Online. After joining Glambassadors I also joined Bloglovin Activate which similarly offers opportunities for Influencers to join Campaigns and Promote products online. That is when I opened a Shopify Website and applied to Net-a-Porter and Shopstyle. What I didn’t realize was that these Companies require Blogs in order to sign with them as an Affiliate. In order to groom myself for the position at Shopstyle and Net-a-Porter I decided to start this Fashion Blog and build a new Website mymollydoll.org (to mymollydoll.com) to showcase my Work Online as a Fashion Database Manager, and Style Curator to Sassique. I am also an Amazon Associate and Ambassador to Zindigo and Sol Theory. I’m just getting started but I hope that by sharing my experiences will help others who are just getting started Fashion Blogging and learning the Business.

Future Goals/Work In-Progress:

Leslie Fischman is now the Creator and Owner of MYMOLLYDOLL a Registered Publishing Corporation in the State of California that who hopes to support #BradyCampaign via #BloggingCampaign a Campaign for a Campaign which provides #Entertainment Based Advocacy for Re-Blogging and Re-Use in Film and Music #Entertainment Purposes -to help raise money and awareness to Campaigns which provide services to Victims of Crime, while supporting those within the Helping Professions who provide a Service to the Community. (See: https://www.facebook.com/groups/183556858745298/ and bloggingcampaign.wordpress.com).


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